from Dr. Jack Wheeler...

For a long time now, we've been telling you in To The Point that Dick Cheney will step down, Bush will appoint and the Senate will confirm Condi Rice as Vice President, that this will catapult her into being the Republican presidential nominee, and that she will be elected President of the United States in November 2008.

A Rice Presidency will destroy the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party depends on blacks living on the Victim Plantation. A Rice Presidency obliterates the myth of Racist America, and it is upon this myth the modern Democrat Party is built.

Democrats cannot get elected without 90% of the black vote. Rice would deny them this 90% and more. At most they would get 50-60% if that. Any and all chance of Democrats regaining substantial political power in America would be over. The entire power structure of the Democrat Party would be in ruins.

Remember the moral of the story is - the Democrats need all 90% of the black vote to stay in power. A small shift of let's say - two percent - would spell doom for the party of Racism, Jim Crow and Affirmative Distraction. Condi for Vice President! Yall!

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