AMERICAN IDOL: Mandisa Says She's Not a Gay 'Advocate'

from AP News...

Mandisa, a native of Antioch, Tenn., tells Advocate magazine, "Based on what I believe, I'm not an advocate for (being gay), so it's nothing I would take part in."

Still, she says in an interview in the magazine's Web site, she's "really upset" by speculation she endorses the ex-gay movement _ a collection of Christian groups that seek to alter sexual orientation. The speculation stemmed from comments she made on the "American Idol" Web site praising author and speaker Beth Moore, of Living Proof Ministries. Moore's Web site has links to groups such as Exodus International that discourage homosexuality.

"It broke my heart," Mandisa says. "I live my life by the value system that you treat others the way you want to be treated. I let love be my guide. I absolutely hate no one."


Anonymous said…
I am shocked by Mandisa's exit from American Idol. I'd like to think that it was a matter of talent, but I am more than a little suspicious that it was either her comments about homosexuality or her weight. I was really cheering for her, and now I don't really care who wins.

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04 10 06

Oh no, my namesake lovely sweet Mandisa is no longer on the show? Alas, I have been somewhat ill and haven't been able to keep up, but I think she had a GRRRRRRRRREAT voice and am saddened she is gone. Simon Cowell made inappropriate comments about her weight and it is clear he is a biased and fat negative jerk! I cannot stand him! It also goes to show the power that certain lobbies have. Why is it taht we can no longer express ourselves honestly? I don't give a damn if Mandisa supported the exgay movement or not; it is her CHOICE to support that movement. Why don't the MSM jerks want us to know about it? Because it might just work, it might just be something that threatens their whole paradigm and obviously they want to silence all dissent. Well Ms. Mandisa, I say do your thing! Ms. Mandisa can do anything she wants and since she now has exposure, I hope that a bigtime Christian label takes her and makes her a star. :( Sorry for rambling; it is just that I really liked her voice and her demeanor;)
Nightfighter said…
This appears at face value to just another instance of attempted censorship of one individual's opinion who has a little notoriety, for fear the that point of view will gain legitimacy. Mandisa is a devout Christian whose ethic is pro-marriage and pro-creation. Imagine that!

The people who thought she was talking about the 'lifestyle' are being a little sensitive, since there were many lifestyles before they adopted the phrasing.

Others feel Mandisa was booted because her fans didn't support her due to a couple of so-so performances. If that is the case, it would appear that Simon's self-indulgence criticims may have had some influence.

I for one think that her fans just forget how important it is to make that call of support. It's sad too, she has a beautiful voice and and a magnetic personality. I got a feeling we haven't seen the last of the mandiva.