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In February, our economy created 243,000 new jobs.

Yet one of our major newspapers tells us almost half of Americans consider the economy in a recession. American Research Group's latest monthly survey found 59 percent of Americans rate the economy as bad, very bad, or terrible. Why are Americans so negative?

Compare the first few paragraphs of this particular story by Investors Business Daily to the way the New York Times reported the story.

Investors Business Daily, paragraph 1: "U.S. companies in nearly every sector increased hiring last month, lifting job growth to better than forecast levels and enticing more people into the labor market."

New York Times, paragraph 1: "American employers added 243,000 jobs in February and workers posted their highest salary gains in more than four years, the government reported yesterday, igniting concerns among many Wall Street economists that higher wages could fuel inflation and increase expectations that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates further." [Emphasis added.]

Note the New York Times felt compelled to add a "but" or a "cautionary note" to the economic expansion. Someone made a decision to add a cautionary note, not that the proviso is wrong, or necessarily inappropriate, but it absolutely changes the tone of the story. But couldn't one also accuse Investors Business Daily of failing to provide balance by omitting this cautionary note?

No, for America's economy, by virtually any standard, remains an incredible economic powerhouse. From 2003 to now, the economy created 5 million jobs. Payrolls expanded for 30 straight months. Following Bush's 2003 tax cuts, federal tax revenues grew from $1.9 trillion in 2004 to $2.1 trillion in 2005. The monthly inflation rate for February 2006 stood at .20 percent. And 68.6 percent of Americans own their homes, a historical high.

Why does the Drive-by Media feel compelled to negatively color what should be reported as great news? The economy is GREAT for the country on the whole.

Is it simply that most of the Media have unspoken agendas to aid and abet their political wing of the MSM for reasons that even they are not aware? I not sure but I wonder.

I think almost everyone would agree that the current generation of journalists come out of the school of social activism. You know...that school of thought which says you are to use your special reporting talents to further the cause of humanity. And I don't doubt their desire one bit, but when I look at this slanted reporting where almost very Democrat gets a free pass and nearly every Republican is presumed to harbor some antipathy towards the average joe, it makes me go hmmmm.

That said, what do you think would happen, if the MSM were to tell their readers they were not just reporting the facts but interpreting the facts from their worldview for the good of the public?

Anyway, the American Public is wising up! Media venues that are honest with the public when they are espousing opinion verses when they are just reporting the straight facts are thriving. Well...unless of course your worldview is liberalized! Now why do you suppose that is the case?

The Bible said it best....

Above all else, guard your heart(subconscious mind, perhaps?), for it is the wellspring of life.

If you asked me, people are just tired of being lied to. And with good cause, have you ever heard of garbage in, garbage out? The American public is desirous of honesty. Honesty in reporting and of intent.

I guess you could say, I just can't stand liars!

You see my older brother gave me some great advice that I took to heart. It has served me well. ..."If someone will lie to you, they will steal from you. And if someone will steal from you, they will kill you!"

When you get right down to it might say that the average citizen is exercising the highest form of self-worth by protecting themselves from liars in the media. This makes it easier for them to guard against the Liberal thieves in Congress and their social engineering experiments, like the Great Society failure.

The economy is great! If you are not benefiting from it, maybe an honest look at your worldview ...and those that your rely on for your news, is in order..

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03 27 06

I think that capitalism is truly a complex thing Nightfighter. It forces folks to compete, but if you refuse or don't have the means to do so, you will get left behind. That is the challenge many of us face right now. I realize that there was job creation this past quarter, but I also know that the jobs are in specific sectors. Our economy seems to be shifting into a service based AND consultant based economy. To get ahead, we have to have a set of skills that will allow us to work in a diverse set of environments. Gone are the days of the nine to five for thirty years! And if we can see that and gain skills in areas that are growing, we can get ahead.

If more Black Americans used the tools of analysis and foresight in financial markets, I believe we would get further ahead.

Good post.
Nightfighter said…
No doubt! We know that in its present mindset, the Black community has a strange affinity this party with a true racist past and present day philosophy that has fostered dependency. This addiction, I believe, has inadvertently discouraged self-reliance and destroyed self-initiative amongst its most ignored supporters. And though the challenges of the community are great… there are some surefire ways that insure poverty won’t prevail and that the opportunity others are experiencing may be passed on to the generations….

1 graduate from high school
2 do not get pregnant until marriage
3 do not go to jail and collect 3 hots and a cot

The Research is clear. I just don’t know where this unwillingness to reinvestigate the philosophy behind the parties comes from. But with these basic life achievements, I believe the community has a chance of coming out of its current state of resentment and malaise.

I, too, have been sorely vexed to watch Black community align itself over and over with the wrong team. The result of this alliance has bred defeat and despair. I sometime think that the change will have to come to the individual first, and then the community may follow.

It is extremely saddening that many (black men) refuse to develop personal services that can be can be sold to mutual benefit. But no one can afford to extend help until those with the problem acknowledge this deficit. Blaming others for one’s lack of opportunity has become a pastime to some in the community. I don’t see this current state of animosity garnering much compassion from those who are inclined to lend a hand any time soon.

A dialogue must be coming about the honor involved with selling one’s personal services until such time as one can learn sufficient money management skill and dreamer bigger. When that moment arrives, and when the basic achievements of self sufficiency are attained, the level of business owner, investing and financial freedom can be sought and made manifest.

Thanks for the encouragement.
03 27 06

Wow Nightfighter:
What a salient comment! I think I will highlight this comment on my post for tomorrow! You are on fire:)
Take Care now:)
Nightfighter said…
Thanks, Mahndisa your visits and the challenging comments you leave always inspire me. ;)