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I realize if you're liberal and predisposed to bigotry, this post will mean nothing to you. However, if you have not been infected by the illness known as liberalism, this post may be instructive.

By now, I'm sure you have heard about the comments of Bill Bennett which the media and their liberal counterparts have intentionally miscontrued to mislead the uninformed and attack the conservative movement.

Since I don't get my information from liberals( another word for proprogandists) , or their news outlets(another title for purveyors of proproganda) , I thought it would be interesting to get the truth of the matter from the 'horses mouth'.

Here's Secretary Bennett......

Statement By Bill Bennett, Sep. 30, 2005
From the Desk of William J. Bennett September 30, 2005

"On Wednesday, a caller to my radio show proposed the idea that one good argument for the pro-life position would be that if we didn't have abortions, Social Security would be solvent. I stated …


Did anyone else notice that Cindy Sheehan never mentioned her deceased son during her speak at the Anti-USA rally on last saturday?