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Video of Oscar Winner... Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx talks about receiving the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role 2005.

And this isn't due to Affirmative Action.

Crying Racism, again! And it's getting old!

This time our race baiter in question is the infamous Omarosa Stallworth. Better known as the lazy, lowdown, dirty, two-timing saboteur of the Apprentice. In today's episode, our idiot in question is a guest on Fox's Dayside with Linda Vester. The purpose of the appearance: to call Donald Trump a racist in order repair her image and extend her 15 minutes of fame.

Check out this pitiful play of the racism card. What a shameless bigot you are,Omarosa!

hat tip: johnny dollar

CSPAN: Conservative Blacks and Leadership

I just finished watching a conference on CSPAN sponsored by Jesse Lee Peterson's BOND and the Heritage Foundation. The panel included: Mychal Massie of Project 21, Gloria Jackson of the Booker T Washington Speaker's Network, Roy and Niger Innis of CORE and Moderator, Jesse Lee Peterson. I believe the title of the conference was Responding to the Call--The New Vanguard.

Here's an excerpt from the official press release....Has the establishment black leadership become irrelevant? Conservative black Americans say “yes,” and they're calling for the reinstitution of principled black leadership in the tradition of Booker T. Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Organizations such as the NAACP, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH, and the Congressional Black Caucus have utterly failed to provide moral leadership in the black community and have become the tools for extremist political agendas.

In response, BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny) and The Heritage Founda…

Happy Black History Month

Deroy Murdock gives the Dems fits in his latest essay. Happy Black History Month.

Grand Old Party
Blacks might be surprised to compare Republican history with the Democrats’.

Today marks the 90th anniversary of a very special White House ceremony. President Woodrow Wilson hosted his Cabinet and the entire U.S. Supreme Court for a screening of D. W. Griffith's racist masterpiece, Birth of a Nation. The executive mansion's first film presentation depicted, according to Griffith, the Ku Klux Klan's heroic, post-Civil War struggle against the menace of emancipated blacks, portrayed by white actors in black face. As black civil-rights leader W.E.B. DuBois explained: In Griffith's 1915 motion picture, "The freed man was represented either as an ignorant fool, a vicious rapist, a venal or unscrupulous politician, or a faithful idiot."

Thumbs up, Wilson exclaimed. The film "is like writing history with lightning," he remarked, adding, "it is all so terrib…

Is the MSM finding Checks and Balances uncomfortable?

It appears the Media is finding checks and balances very distasteful. And instead of striving to express a fair and balance assessment of the news of the day, the media and the their liberal lackeys have decided to begin personal attacks on Conservative bloggers. How low will they go?

Ann Coulter exposes this newest development in the deconstruction of the MSM in her latest article, Republican, Bloggers and Gays, Oh My!! Here's an excerpt: Liberals keep telling us the media isn't liberal, but in order to retaliate for the decimation of major news organizations like The New York Times, CBS News and CNN, all they can do is produce the scalp of an obscure writer for an unknown conservative Web page. And unlike Raines, Rather and Jordan, they can't even get Gannon for incompetence on the job. (Also unlike Raines, Rather and Jordan, Gannon has appeared on TV and given a series of creditable interviews in his own defense, proving our gays are more macho than their straights.)

Right-Minded Roundup

American Soldier gives a soldiers account of coming home.

New Sisyphus discusses Syria's promotion to full Axis of Evil status.

Dissecting Leftism weighs in on America's Social Security debate and the Left doesn't have a chance.

Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of 'Ideology of Evil'

The Warrior has another great article about how President Bush has become a Master of "using opportunities as they arise".

Americans are ready for a women president? See what the polls say.

Quote of the Day

"Republicans couldn't get this many black people in a room, unless they included the hotel staff."

Howard Dean at the Congressional Black Caucus last week.

(hat tip: Right from Left)

Do Not Validate Criminals

What's going on here? Everytime a black manchild is killed while engaged in criminal activity, the parents and the black community wanna scream racism. We should probably prosecute the parents for child neglect. Yeah I said it!

Family of Slain Teen Thank Community, ask for donations for thief's memorial fund.

Protests Follow Police Shooting of Teenaged Auto Thief

Black Leaders Express Anger at Thief's Death

LA Blacks make excuses for Teenaged Auto Thief

Al Qaeda's Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

After targeting a Shiite Mosque and killing 12 Iraqis, an Al Qaeda official made a statement blaming Al Jezeerafor it's accurate reporting of the cowardly attack on fellow Muslims in their house of worship. The official's statement, "if Al Jazeera didn't report the attack noone would have been the wiser."

Condi Rice Superstar!!

She makes us proud!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's just-concluded trip to Europe signals that the United States is back in the diplomacy business in earnest again. Part of the reason is that after four years of Colin Powell, the United States now has a secretary of state in full.

An interview with Condi Rice by Australian Media

The United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has been in Europe this week and has urged European countries negotiating with Tehran to be tougher and to make it clear that United Nations sanctions are the next step.

Dick Morris wants to Draft Condi for 2008

As she tours the continent after her Senate confirmation, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is like a rock star — her every movement, her every meeting covered by an adoring media.

Rice Dazzles Europe

Europeans have been known to value style over substance. In Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they got both.

More Leftwing Lunacy

After months of launching personal attacks on the President and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the Senate Democrats demanded that all Republicans unilaterally disarm and divulge their exit strategies for Sen. Henry Reid and the Democratic Party.

"This is a new Democratic Party," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said at a news conference called to release the letter telling Bush, "You will not intimidate us."

Schumer then indicated, "We, democrats, will do the intimidating if there's any intimidating to be done around here."

More>>> Sen. Democrats demand Republican cooperation

Update: Leftwing lawyer convicted of aiding terrorists.

An Exit Strategy for the Democratic Party!

We are witnessing the death of a party with these increasingly inane calls for an exit strategy, etc. The Warrior Class Blog elaborates in The Misconception of an “Exit Strategy”:

People are really starting to understand what strategy is and isn’t. A reader writes:

Mr. Gagliardi,
I hear a lot in the news, particularly from the liberal Democrats, that attacks the Bush policy of finishing the job in Iraq. The democrats keep crying out for what has been constantly called an Exit Strategy. An Exit Strategy? Correct me if I’m wrong, sir.. but if I’m not mistaken, Strategy isn’t a straightforward plan, is it not? We can’t have a single “exit strategy” because things change.. the environment changes and we must adjust to the environment by positioning ourselves to achieve success. So the Democrats must be wrong about accusing the President of having no end game. Am I right?

This reader is absolutely correct. Strategy teaches you to analyze your situation and see what moves are possible given…

(Repost) Why I am a Conservative.

In this repost, my favorite blogger answers that age old question---"what does a black man have to conserve?"

From Liberal to Conservative
by La Shawn Barber

Despite America’s ugly history of the enslavement of my ancestors, I love this country and marvel at the blessing of being born here. I appreciate every day the freedom I once took for granted. While I think America’s culture is on the decline, our form of government, rooted in individual rights, is still the best in the world.

Like many of my black peers,I grew up believing conservatives were rich white people trying to take away our “civil rights” and send us to the back of the bus -- which wasn’t consistent with reality, of course. I wasn’t oppressed and neither was anyone I knew. I didn’t have to walk through “Colored Only” entrances and wasn’t otherwise prevented fromdoing what I chose to do.

I was a middle-classkid who came of age in the 1980s when affirmative action was in full bloom. I felt deserving of the extr…


"During the 1990s, the state of our union was stronger than ever, and I outlined a program, a series of initiatives to create a secure retirement for the baby boom generation. I proposed to commit 60 percent of the surplus over the next fifteen years to extend the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund until 2055, a small portion of it to be invested in mutual funds."


If Bill thinks it's a good idea, why don't you think it's a honorable idea.

Aren't predators savage?

Anyone remember the two teenaged armed robbers who were killed when the manager of the store didn't take too lightly to being rushed while he was clearing his cash register of the day's proceeds? Well, the cowardly apologists for predators and racial hatred have appeared. Let me present for your pleasure their comments with my punctuated commentary.

To get you up to speed if you aren't familiar with the story of our two misguided youths:

Robbers shot dead

Teen robbers had records

An now for our token apologist, enter:

Teen robbers not 'savages'
by LaKeisha Gantt

I would like to respond to two recent comments (Letters, Jan. 28 and Jan. 30) regarding the Jan. 24 robbery of Shoat's Grocery and Package Store in Oglethorpe County, in which two teenagers were fatally shot by the store owners.

You mean two predators were killed while committing an armed robbery.

It is a sad day when someone thinks killing another person is to be "commended" (Letters, Jan. 2…

Bush's Strategy

The Warrior Class blogs on how Bush played the Democrats like a fiddle during his State of the Union

The State of the President: Strong and Confident.