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Bush raises aid by $315 Million

Just as the American and International Left thought they had another issue to bash the President--America the rich and stingy-- George Bush shows our enemies...who their daddy is, by increasing the US People's Aid to the victims of the Tsunami by ten fold!

That's right...that's $350 Million dollars. More than the World Bank!

Now who are you going to call stingy, you anti-american, anti-freedom, condescending terrorist lovers?

(Looking inside the Liberal playbook) Their next play will be--- say the President is stingy,( in order to shame him into giving more money towards Tsunami relief) then we will claim responsibility for the increased funding. Liberals are so predictable!

More from Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will provide $350 million in aid for victims of Asia's devastating tsunami, a government official said on Friday.

The official said final details of the aid package were still being worked out and it was not clear whether the money was…

Aid pledges from non-affected countries

Non-affected countries has pledged donations to countries affected by this global disaster.

World Bank $250m
UK $96m
EU $44m
US: $35m
Canada: $33m
Japan: $30m
Australia: $27m
France: $20.4m
Denmark: $15.6m
Saudi Arabia: $10m
Norway: $6.6m
Taiwan: $5.1m
Finland: $3.4m
Kuwait: $2.1m
Netherlands: $2.6m
UAE: $2m
Ireland $1.3m
Singapore: $1.2m

If a poor country like Ireland can give $1.3 million dollars, where are the donations from the African countries?

Source: Reuters and United Nations

(hat tip: Tsunami Disaster in Penang Island)

(UPDATE 1/1): Traditionally Ireland has been a poor country however it has prospered over the last 20 years due to increased foreign investments. But you get my point--where are the donations from the prosperous African countries?

Tsunami Update

Death Toll: 114,000
Firedoglake has complied links to all the major airlines if you are short on cash but would like to donate your frequent flyer miles.
Continental Airlines: Accepts donations for American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Careforce and Healing the Children. They make it really easy, you just log in and donate.

Delta: Accepts donations for The United Way and CARE. They have an automated telephone system you an call, at 1-800-325-3999. You can also email them at here. You need to include your SkyMiles account number, the amount of mileage you wish to donate, and the name of the organization you want to receive your donation.

Northwest Airlines: You can donate your WorldPerks miles to the Red Cross, AmeriCares, Habitat for Humanity, OxFam and Unicef by contacting Northwest directly at 1-800-327-2881.

United Airlines accepts donations to the Red Cross. To donate, call Mileage Plus Customer Service at 1-800-421-4655.

Asia Miles Cathay Pacific will let you contribute your miles to U…

Follow the Leader

The US, Australia, Japan and India have formed an international coalition to lead aid efforts after the Indian Ocean sea surges, the US president has said.

"We will stand with them as they start to rebuild their communities," George W Bush announced at his ranch in Texas.

The US has already pledged $35m and sent its navy to help the aid effort.

"Together the world will cope with their loss. We will prevail over this destruction," Mr Bush said.

I am so proud of President Bush for once again showing the world who leads this world. The US is the leader for peace and freedom when Islamic terrorism rears its ugly head-- and the US is the leader in generosity and compassion whenever disaster strikes.

I know that everyone--the MSM-- wanted President Bush to purse his lips in a Clintonesque manner and utter some banal words of condolences to the affected populations. But Bush one ups the competition once again--by not only expressing his concerns for the people of the Asi…

Laughing Liberally!

I found this cartoon while visiting the Cox and Forkum blog. I was reading about the Tsunami's aftermath, when I thought I'd rather laugh at the Liberals. And Michael Moore in all his wacky liberalness is always a hoot!

Indian Ocean Tsunami


Criminal behavior linked to Fatherless Households

With 70% of all children being born to households without a father, Larry Elder re-examines the latest attempts to promote out of wedlock as a "badge of honor."

According to The World Almanac 2005 -- which now lists illegitimate birth rates under the politically correct heading "Nonmarital Childbearing" -- nearly 70 percent of black children are born outside of wedlock. With Latinos, the rate is almost 45 percent, whites nearly 30 percent, and Asians 15 percent. Overall, about 34 percent of America's children today are born outside of wedlock.

According to the Heritage Foundation, children born outside of wedlock were more likely to engage in early sexual activity and have children out of wedlock. The report further stated, "Compared to children living with both biological parents in similar socioeconomic circumstances, children of never-married mothers exhibit 68 percent more antisocial behavior, 24 percent more headstrong behavior, 33 percent more hyper…

A Shameful Thing: Sexual Abuse by UN Peacekeepers

While the UN and Kofi Annan accuse the US of "illegal" activities in Iraq, the UN Peacekeepers in Congo have been exchanging food and shelter for sex ...

and this is not the first time that UN Peacekeepers have been investigated for abusing the children of a country where they are suppose to be the protectorate.

The United Nations has been forced into damage control mode lately, with a sexual harassment scandal around High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers followed by new allegations of sexual abuse by international peacekeeping staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The UN has sent special teams to the DRC to investigate 150 allegations, including rape and pedophilia. There's even photographic evidence of some abuses committed by UN civilian and military staff.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan says he's outraged. And he has every reason to be, says Vanessa Kent, a senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa, in this interview wit…

Defending Thomas

Great article by Tom Kranawitter of the Clairemont Inststitute in defense of Clarence Thomas

Thomas is one of the few jurists today, conservative or otherwise, who understand and defend the principle that our rights come not from government but from a "Creator" and "the laws of nature and of nature's God," as our Declaration of Independence says, and that the purpose and power of government should therefore be limited to protecting our natural, God-given rights.

Aids is an epidemic in the Black Community

AIDS is now the No. 1 cause of death among African-Americans between the ages of 25 and 44.

Star Parker has the answer and it is simple--we need to reinstall values into our families.

It is also clear that in a world of abstinence, monogamy and sex exclusively within the framework of marriage, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in general would be rare.

Do we have what it takes to stop this plague that is upon us? Or are we going to succumb to this beastly scourge without a fight?

Time gets it right.....Finally!

“For sticking to his guns (literally and figuratively), for reshaping the rules of politics to fit his ten-gallon-hat leadership style and for persuading a majority of voters this time around that he deserved to be in the White House for another four years, we name George W. Bush as TIME’s Man of the Year for 2004.”

Jim Kelly, Managing editor

Despite their back handed compliments, Bush is the Man of the year! And Liberalism has been bushwhacked!.

A Quote for the Day

"At its deepest level, Leftism(Liberals)appears to be psychopathic -- with the psychopathic disregard for all norms, morals, standards and ethics in the ruthless quest for personal praise and satisfaction."

John Ray

The Geminids Shower Us Tonight!

As we enter the tail of the Pantheon 3200 asteroid every December, bits of dust enter our atmosphere at 80,000 mph producing cosmic fireworks(aka meteor showers).

So tonight, get some hot cocoa and look up between 2 and 5 am. Starwatchers who stay out for a few hours will be treated to perhaps hundreds of 'shooting stars'. It going to be the best meteor shower of 2004!

Congratulations, Atlanta Falcons!! 10-3



Just wait til this year...We've got new Falcons to show you.

John Abraham
Lawyer Milloy
Chris Crocker
Jimmy Williams

Liberals say the darnest things...

Bill Moyers is retiring from journalism and his last story is the story of a lifetime--or so he says. You see Bill Moyer's thinks the MSM has become the media wing of the Republican Party(sound familiar). Are these sour grapes that Bill is expressing or is Bill having a mental breakdown?

Well, I'm not sure where Bill has been for the last twenty years--or what flavor Kool Aid he has been drinking--but if Bill isn't aware that the MSM has slanted their news reporting in favor of the Democratic Party for the last generation, I think Bill may need a psychiatric evaluation instead of retirement.

From the horses mouth--or should I say the ass' mouth:

"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: how the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee," says Moyers. "We have an ideological press that's interested in the election of Republicans, and a mainstream press that'…

Cosby takes the "Accountability Tour" on the Road

Yesterday, Bill Cosby visited one of San Francisco's three "Dream Schools" at the invitation of San Francisco's School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman. The Dream schools are located in what were once low performing public schools, but have been overhauled to include longer school days, Saturday schools, mandatory uniforms, a more rigorous curriculum and signed pledges by the parents to be active in their children's education.

The San Francisco's School Superintendent's thoughts about Cosby's recent critique of the Black communities lack of accountability to itself and our countrymen:

"We haven't figured out a way to talk about it as African Americans....At least now we're talking about it," she said. "The truth is, many of the things he said are reality for those of us who work in urban public schools."

Cosby's thoughts on the outrage that his comments have ignited:
"I think we're past the furor part now," h…

A Quote for Today

"I don't know who started this nonsense about who loves black folks the most, but I do know this: People who don't give a tinker's damn about you will tell you what you want to hear, or what they think you want to hear. People who love you will tell you what you need to hear."
Gregory Kane

The Blogosphere on Cosby

Dirty Harry of Stranded on Blue Islands agrees with Clarence Page. The 'Cos' may be able to get the NAACP off the Democratic plantation and back to helping Blacks attain the promise of America.

The Maryland Moderate points out a great article by Gregory Kane entitled "We Love Black Folks Contest has revealed some real losers."

Things are getting hot over at The Boiling Point. Matt explains how Dr. Cosby's bitter pill therapy is not only efficacious, but will result in a more prosperous black community.

At Project 21, Lisa Fritsch thanks Cosby for saying the right thing at the right time.

Jtredger in a bold move takes on the 'Cos' in the race traitor debate.

Who are your friends?

Today, I was traveling around the blogosphere when I came across this cartoon by Faithmouse. It simply blew me away! You see...I've been blogging about the bigotry of Liberals--how they have been very successful at hiding their true feelings about Americans who are different, ie. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Hardworking Americans who live in homes that are easily relocated.

I have always had this gnawing suspicion of the Democrats and perplexed by the loyalty of Blacks to this party that supported their enslavement--not to mention their segregation from opportunity. Now I have to admit, it was a stroke of genius the way the Democrats have spun their hatred of Blacks into support for civil rights and the resultant "programs" and "projects" to get votes.

It has worked like a charm for forty years. And as one would expect, the "programs" have crippled Blacks as countrymen, making them dependent on the Democrats for handouts--not to mention what it's l…

As African Diplomats....

pass around petitions to express their blind support for Kofi Annan, Norm Coleman's makes it plain 'Kofi Annan must go'.

It's time for U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to resign.

Over the past seven months, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which I chair, has conducted an exhaustive, bipartisan investigation into the scandal surrounding the U.N. Oil-for-Food program. That noble program was established by the U.N. to ease the suffering of the Iraqi people, then languishing under Saddam Hussein's ironfisted rule, as well as the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the U.N. after the first Gulf War. While sanctions were designed to instigate the removal of Saddam from power, or at least render him impotent, the Oil-for-Food program was designed to support the Iraqi people with food and other humanitarian aid under the watchful eye of the U.N.

Our Investigative Subcommittee has gathered overwhelming evidence that Saddam turned this program on it…

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em