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Here I come to save the day!

The Washington Post reports famed Race Pimp Jesse Jackson has been hired to get "those black folk" back on the plantation. After polls showed that the black vote had begun to slip(thank you God), Kerry hires Jackson. You know why.

It's a Madtv, Madtv, Madtv, Madtv World!

Quincy Jones' Madtv weighs in on presidential politics in the following skit.

(hat tip: The Daily Recycler )

Let's get it on!

Bush Plays the Patriot Card
by Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan weighs in on why Kerry's getting his head bashed in by Bush.

From the "They stole the Election" file

The Wall Street Journal(subscription req'd) recalled, "In June 2001, following a six-month investigation that included subpoenas of Florida state officials from Governor Jeb Bush on down, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued a report that found no evidence of voter intimidation, no evidence of voter harassment, and no evidence of intentional or systematic disenfranchisement of black voters."
And: "Which leaves the 'stolen election' crowd with these inconvenient facts: In 24 of the 25 Florida counties with the highest ballot spoilage rate, the county supervisor was a Democrat. In the 25th county, the supervisor was an Independent. And as for the 'felon purge list,' the Miami Herald found that whites were twice as likely to be incorrectly placed on the list as blacks."

more to come

Something Scary's Going on.

All my voting life, I have noticed how rumors about Republicans calling Blacks names abound around election time. I have always been unconsciously skeptical from where they were coming. Today, I am sure that the Democrats have been race baiting to get Blacks to vote for them.

Is this how your friends should treat you?

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal about race baiting.

I'm sick of the Democratic Party.

Kerry supports the President on Iraq?

John McCaslin of the Washington Times writes that Mr. Kerry advocated pre-emptive war against Iraq in 1997.

"Hoisted by their own petard"

The liberal media has been running a monopoly for most of our lives. And now, the fourth estate has a check from conservative cable tv, talk radio and from the blogoshpere....

Brent Bozell's article is a eulogy to the once great goliath....

No Apology for Mr. President

Well I'm officially done with CBS as a network. If they think this selective apology has absolved them of wrong doing , they are mistaken. More must be said, ie:

We apologize Mr. President for insinuating that you did not complete your service to the country honorably.

That might be a good place to start.

And oh yeah...we apologize for all the names we called the bloggers who broke this story.

I guess what I really want to say is thank God for the blogosphere. We now have a way to keep a check on the Liberal Media.

Hey Dan, anybody for some pepcid?


Saddam and Al Qaeda Reconnected!

I found Bill O'reilly's most recent article very interesting. It details a bit of information that I've allowed to escape me( under the constant liberal barrage of lies).

1. Saddam and Al qaeda had a relationship....pre-9/11!

2. Al Zarqawi trained terrorist for An al Islam in Northern Iraq in 2002!

3. It now appears that Saddam may have diverted some funds from the UN Oil for Food program to guess who?

Can you say Al Qaeda?

It's funny how under the barrage of half truths, it's hard to maintain your focus on the truth. What's even stranger
is that the democrats and the media wing of the democratic party(CBS, ABC, NBC,etc.) have known about the relationship between Saddam and Al qaeda. And it's hard for them to tell the truth.

o'reilly's article



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